Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Elf Made a Visit

Yesterday we got a surprise in our classroom. I received a box and was told to open it immediately. So as a whole class we opened the box, wondering what might be inside. Well, to our surprise it was an elf. We got a letter from the Elf describing what he was going to be doing in our classroom. One important aspect is that we have to name the elf before he can gain his magic. Well as a class we forgot to dot that yesterday.
So today when we got to school this is what we saw.
So today we decided it that it would be a good idea to name our elf so he wasn't mad at us anymore. He was quite upset that we forgot to name him. Well, the name we decided on as a class was Phil Jr. We can't wait to see what other crazy antics he comes with.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tucker Mountain Hike

 Today was our annual Tucker Mountain hike. This hike is a great opportunity for students to get to mingle with students in different classes and make some new friends. Students also get the opportunity to bond with the adults outside the four walls of school.

After a much needed lunch, students gathered to take this gorgeous school photo with the lovely Vermont mountains in the background!
Mr. Prest had some games for the students to play at the top. Parachute games are always the most fun!

Probably the favorite part of the trip for every student is when they have the opportunity to build fairy houses. The students work with a partner or a group and they build a small house for a fairy living in our local forests. The houses end up being all different shapes and sizes. In the end the fairies are very thankful for all of the NES students hard work. 

Zebras once again had a fantastic day!